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Refinancing Your Home

If you are in the position to refinance your home I strongly recommend doing so. The pandemic as cause a lot of financial hardship on many people but it also presents a great opportunity for many to save on their mortgage payment because of the very low interest rates.

Two things someone should do because refinancing


Check your credit report for FREE using This can be done every 12 months and if there's anything you need to work on then do so. Some people are unaware that errors on their credit report that are causing their FICO score to go down.

Avoid applying for new credit during this time. So that means waiting to buy your new car or getting a new credit card.

Get current on past due bills and keep all credit cards balances under 30%.

If you need help with repairing your credit, click on the link below to to start working on repairing.


There are many mortgage lenders out there that offers refinancing. They all have different fees and some will have lower rates than others. Eventhough they may offer lower rates , their fees may be higher so make sure you do your absolutely best comparing the numbers. Getting with a reputable and experienced mortgage broker can be a huge help. Their able to shops different lenders right away versus you going to each individual lender which can be time consuming and damaging to your credit. It is very important for individuals to know their options because some brokers may get a higher incentive for going through another lender that may cost them a little more. Once the decision is made on the most beneficial lender to refinance with then I suggest taking the necessary steps to get it done as soon as possible.

If you would like you learn more on how you can start investing in real estate without the BS reach out to me so we can chat. #RealEstate #GeorgesMovement

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